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Tae Kwon Do and More!

We Offer Traditional (Chang Hun Style) Tae Kwon Do along with Traditional Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Muay Thai, and Judo inner defense transitions, with Freestyle Ju-Jitsu ground defenses all wrapped up in one program!

We also offer the GSW MMA program with Belt incentives.
We offer GSW Kids Safety and and GSW Women's Self Defense Seminars.

We offer the GSW Martial Arts Academy Weapons Program based on the Chang Hun Style forms.

We offer Chang Hun Tai Chi. Tai Chi based on the Chang Hun Tae Kwon Do Forms.

We are lead by Certified, Competent, and Caring Instructors that make learning Martial Arts Fun!

*2016 - Upcoming Events Scheduled*

Arise Martial Arts  Classes are now being held at Life Link Church on Monday Nights 6:30pm to 7:30pm At Cooper and Warner and at Life Point Church on Saturday mornings in Copper Basin from 9am to 11am!

  • April 2nd - H.E.A.T Tournament by AZ MARRS. 9:30 AM

  • April 16th – ACS Karate Tournament. Chandler, AZ at 9 AM. Hosted by Arizona Martial Arts Tournament League.

  • April 16th – Grand Canyon State Games Taekwondo Tournament at ASU Rec Center in Tempe, AZ. 8:30 AM. Dr. Grant Smith – Event Director.

  • May 20th – GGM Micheal Owens-Wilson Graduation from Ottawa University at 1 PM.

  • May 20th -22nd – USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Fullerton, CA. 20th – Meet and Greet. 21st – Seminars and Banquet. 22nd – Alliance Tournament.

  • June 2nd – VSN II Tournament by AZ MARRS.

  • June 4th - Masters Hall of Fame in San Antonio, TX. Frank Dux keynote speaker. GM Morgan, GM Nelson, GM Wilson, Master Powell nominated.

  • July 23rd – Black Belt ONLY Tournament by AZ MARRS. 2:30 PM.

  • August 20th - Desert Storm(Free) AZ MARRS Tournament. 9 AM.


  • October?? – Kidd D. Jason’s Kick/Punch Awards. Time, Date, and Location to be determined.




Be Sure to order your next weapon before your testing into that weapon.

Welcome to all the new Students in both the YMCA Classes and the Arise Groups!

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