GSW Martial Arts Academy      

Associations and Affiliations

Worldwide Martial Arts Federation: (for information on becoming a member of the WMAF please contact Mr. Shannon or Mr. Jeff for the application packet and brochure)

Copper Basin YMCA: (This is our Host Location. Its a great facility and a good home. Thank You for Your Support!)

AZ MARRS(This is one of the tournament organizations we belong to. We will post news and tournaments from this organization from time to time.)

USA MARTIAL ARTS HALL OF FAME(This is an Organization that Senior Master Jeff Nelson, Mr. Shannon, and many of our friends: Senior Master Wilson, Senior Master Lundgren, Mr. Valiensi, Mr. Andrade, Master Heaton, Grandmaster Morgan, Senior Master Dana Nelson, and Senior Master Schutjer belong to or have been nominated for.)

Masters Hall of Fame(This is an Organization that Grandmaster Morgan, Senior Master Nelson, and Mr. Shannon have been nominated for.)

Midwest Academy of Tae Kwon Do: (This is the Home of our Friend Senior Master Lance Schutjer. Thank You for all that you do for us Master Schutjer!)

Kam's Kenpo: (This is the Home of our Dear Friend Grandmaster Vernon Kam whom we support and has supported us on many ventures and hopefully many more to come. Thank You Grandmaster Kam!)

Clarfields Kajukenbo(This is the Home of a Good Friend Robert Clarfield. We have had the pleasure to watch him grow into a Great Instructor and an Awesome Martial Artist.)

Century Martial Arts(This is our primary gear Supplier. They provide a wide range of Martial Arts Gear, Uniforms, Belts, Weapons and Much More!)

  Ring to Cage Fight Gear(This is our Supplier of MMA Equipment and Gear. Great Quality and affordable.)

WISK Family Martial Arts: 
(This is the Home of our Friend and Brother Master Micheal Wilson whom we support and has supported us on many ventures and hopefully many more to come. Thank You Master Wilson!)

Northland Karate(This is the Home of our Friend Senior Master Dana Nelson. Thank you for all you do for us!)

Kidd D. Jason's Kick/Punch Awards: 
(This is an Organization that Master Nelson, Mr. Shannon, Mr. Valiensi, and Master Wilson belong to. This is led by a Great bunch of Black Belt Masters and Grandmasters and truly feels like home to us.)

**For More Information on each of our Associations and Affiliations, please Click on the name of the Associations and Affiliations you are interested to bring up a link.**


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