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Tae Kwon Do and More!

We Offer Traditional (Chang Hun Style) Tae Kwon Do along with Traditional Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Muay Thai, and Judo inner defense transitions, with Freestyle Ju-Jitsu ground defenses all wrapped up in one program!

We also offer the GSW MMA program with Belt incentives.
We offer GSW Kids Safety and and GSW Women's Self Defense Seminars.

We offer the GSW Martial Arts Academy Weapons Program based on the Chang Hun Style forms.

We offer Chang Hun Tai Chi. Tai Chi based on the Chang Hun Tae Kwon Do Forms.

We are lead by Certified, Competent, and Caring Instructors that make learning Martial Arts Fun!

Per the Request of GM Jeff D. Nelson, GSW Martial Arts Academy is NO LONGER associated with Arise Martial Arts.

We will be reverting back to our Traditional Curriculum until Future Permanent Support can be obtained.

For Anyone still holding an Arise handbook, please turn it in to Mr. Shannon and he will replace it with a Traditional Copy. Thanks.


Be Sure to order your next weapon before your testing into that weapon.

Welcome to all the new Students in both the YMCA Classes and the Life Link Groups!


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